Sermon Illustrations

A Squirrel in the road:

This week as I was thinking about roads and signposts and choices,

I was on our road right out here and as I turned the corner, I saw a squirrel

He was halfway across when he noticed me

I didn’t have room to stop

He froze in the middle, he started across, started back, totally freaked out

And didn’t know which way to go

He doesn’t have a clue which way is best or safest

Have you ever felt like that Squirrel?

You don’t know which way to turn, you feel confused, scared, in danger

We have something the squirrel doesn’t – the Word of GOD

We have God’s word that tells us to take the road less traveled

We have God’s word that tells us that the law cannot save us,

That we will never be able to live up to the standard of perfection required by the law

We have the Word...

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