Sermon Illustrations

Max Lucado tells of a friend of his who teaches under-privileged children in an inner city church. Her class is a group of 9 year olds who love life and aren’t afraid of God. There is one exception though, a timid girl named Barbara. She lives in a home that has left her afraid and insecure. For weeks the teacher taught, but Barbara never spoke. Never. While the other girls sang, she looked at the floor. Always present. Always listening. Always speechless. Until one day the teacher gave a lesson on heaven. She talked about seeing God. She talked about a loving Savior who had died so that all might go to a place where there were tearless eyes and deathless lives. Barbara was fascinated. She wouldn’t release the teacher from her stare. She listened and then she did what she had never done, she raised her hand to ask a question. Stunned, the teacher, said, "Yes, Barbara?" And with tear filled eyes she asked, "Is heaven for girls like me?"

Oh, yes, Barbara, heaven is for girls like you, because it’s for men like me. Heaven, is for you too. It is provided by One who through unsurpassed love, emptied Himself and became obedient to the cross, becoming like us so that we could become like Him.. cleansed by His blood.