Sermon Illustrations

There’s a story about a rich man who loved horses. So he bought about a dozen beautiful, powerful horses. He hired a man to coach and train the horses. The guy happened to be inept and wasn’t very passionate about training horses. After a couple of weeks the horses were getting dull and lazy and this so-called trainer didn’t care and didn’t have a strong voice.

The rich man began to wonder – what happened to my horses? They’ve lost their power and strength. So he went to the king, who was a friend and said, “This horse trainer is not very good. He doesn’t have a strong voice, he doesn’t command of the horses.” So his friend, the king said, “Why don’t you try using my horse trainer.” And after a couple of weeks of using the new trainer, the horses began to regain their power and strength. So the rich guy asked the king, “Why was there such a difference?” The king said the difference was in the voice that the horses were listening to. The voice made a difference in what was showing up.

Sometimes in your life and mine we can listen to that big ego voice or we can listen to the spiritual voice. Jesus said you cannot serve 2 masters.