Sermon Illustrations

The word translated as “vision” in the KJV and “revelation” in the NIV and HCS means, a God-inspired sight. It’s not talking about a vision for the future, nor a picture of things coming later. It refers to godly insight. Godly insight about what? According to the second part of the verse, it means a godly insight about the law. In other words, when you don’t think that the Bible applies to you, when you choose not to make God the Boss of your life, you cast off restraint. You run wild. You are just like a cow without a fence. You’re like a rhino in New York, without a zoo. You’re like a dog in Deltona without a cage. You go where you want, you do what you want to do, when you want to do it, and you suffer the same downside ass a cow with no fence.

When you choose to do your own thing, you are worthless to God as a servant, you will never be all you could be, you hurt yourself, and you hurt