Sermon Illustrations

The story is told of a man who requested in his will to be buried in a very unusual way. When he died, he wanted everyone to look upon him as successful, so he asked that after his death his body be placed propped behind the wheel of a brand new pink Cadillac, and to have a smile on his face and an expensive cigar in his mouth. As bizarre as the request was, it was granted. After the burial service the old grave digger came to cover up the grave. He was astounded at what he saw! He looked down and saw that man propped behind the wheel of that new caddy, he saw the embalmer’s formed smile on the dead mans face, he saw that stogey stuck in his mouth.. He walked around that grave several times just marveling and finally he clapped his hands and said, "Man, that’s really living!"

Now, that’s an old illustration and one that I’m sure is NOT true. But I do know that there is truth in the fact that many people possess the wrong idea of success.