Sermon Illustrations

One day, Marty was knocking on some doors to hand out some flyers for their churches upcoming Bible camp. Marty noticed a young lady watching TV in her apartment. There were some old toys outside of her door, so it was obvious to him she might have some children that could come to camp. Marty walked down to her door and knocked, but she didn’t come and answer. Marty knocked again - but she just sat there. Marty could see her sitting there, and she could see him standing there, but she just kept watching TV. So Marty left a flyer in her door and walked away, thinking to himself, “I guess she didn’t want to talk to me.” To tell you the truth, Marty was a little put off by it.

As Marty thought about it, that little slice of his life is representative of how our society has become. Instead of having open doors and welcome mats, we have closed gate communities with “no soliciting” signs posted everywhere. We have caller ID on our telephones so we can see WHO is calling, and then determine whether or not they are worth our time.