Sermon Illustrations

Bono of U2 has used his status to increase the Kingdom of God here and now. In 1982, thorugh the Live Aid and Band-Aid he helped Ethiopians. But not only that he traveled there to make sure the funds were used honestly and effectively.

What he saw changed his life. He worked at an orphanage for six weeks. “You wake up in the morning and the mist would be lifting,” he reminisces. “You’d walk out of your tent and you’d count bodies of dead or abandoned children. Or worse, the father of a child would walk up to you and try to give you his living child and say, ‘You take it, because if this is your child, it won’t die.’”

He now works fiercely to change the policies of governments and organizations like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fun—in order that funding for public health, education, and essential social services will increase rather than decrease. He seeks to change the views of some of the movers and shakers of our time such as Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, President Bush. He has persuaded countries to lend financial muscle to address the AIDS crisis in Africa.