Sermon Illustrations

For years there has been a Snoopy poster

that shows how he spends his week:

On Sunday, he dances, with the caption,


On Monday, he scowls, with the caption,

"Don’t speak to me."

On Tuesday, he lies flat on his back as though dead, with the caption,

"God, get me through this day"

On Wednesday as the clouds of doom strike upon him the captions reads

"Please, Please, let me die."

On Thursday, Snoopy begins to sit up, with the caption,

"Life slowly seeps back into my body."

On Friday, his tail wags as the caption reads


On Saturday, Snoopy is dancing again, with the caption,


Snoopy’s work week

probably describes the world’s notion

of how to live our lives

dreading the “have toos”

and loving the “eat, drink, and be merrys”