Sermon Illustrations

Have you ever bought anything on a “money-back, satisfaction guaranteed” deal?

Usually those are a good thing, and I’m optimistic (or maybe naïve) enough to believe that most companies honor that.

A couple years ago I asked my wife for an electric razor for Christmas. I saw one on TV that looked like it was everything I wanted, for about half the price of what I could find in the stores.

The manufacturer was well-known for other products and so I thought they would be good on this one as well.

Well, I was disappointed from the get-go. All razors say that it takes a couple weeks for your face to get used to an electric razor, so I wanted to give it some time.

But it never worked right, even after a month, so we decided to send it back, because the commercial said it came with a 60-day guarantee.

But when Debra called in to get the return authorization, they told her that it was only a 30-day guarantee. There was no way to argue, because it was all automated.

Normally I chase these kinds of things down, because we were, in essence, lied to about the guarantee. And my wife had bought this for me, because she loved me and knew I wanted it.

But I simply didn’t have the time to mess with it. I still have it, if you’re interested. Only $39.99, plus shipping and handling, and I’ll throw in a 60-minute guarantee!

My point here is that what seems to be an iron-clad guarantee isn’t all that iron-clad.

That will always be the case with guarantees made by people.

Not because all people lie about their guarantees. Some people make guarantees that they fully intend to keep, and they do keep them; and if something happens when they can’t fulfill the guarantee, it’s usually a mix-up or something, not a malicious attempt to rip someone off.

But there are times when even the best-intentioned guarantees don’t quite live up to their words.

But God never makes that mistake. When God says something, not only does He mean it, He comes through. Every single time.

The Bible says that God doesn’t lie, and that God doesn’t even change His mind. When He promises something, when He guarantees something, it’s a done deal.

He has proven throughout the recorded history of Scripture, and He’s proven it in the lives of those who follow Him.