Sermon Illustrations

There was a small boy in Sunday School and the teacher told them that next Sunday was "bring a friend day." So the next Sunday this little one brought his little friend. All the kids were participating in the "old" activity where you put your hands together and interlock your fingers and build the church thing. You know what I am talking about right? All were participating except that one little boy who was a guest. Instead he was in the corner of the room with his back turned crying. The teacher noticed him and walked over and asked him what was wrong and the little boy turned around and she could see then. The little boys right arm had been amputated at the elbow. So he tells the teacher while crying sorrowfully "I want so bad to build that church but as you see I only have one hand and I can’t." So then the teacher begins to cry. So the little boy who brought him to Sunday School walks over and he says "We are friends and I tell you what, you put your left hand in my right hand and together we will build that church." The moral is that if we would put our little hand in God’s great big hand there is nothing we can’t do. Author: Unknown. I was given this by my uncle who is also a minister.