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I remember the church where I was youth leader. None of the 12 members of the board but me were under 60. And I came before them with a proposal. "Give me the permission and several Bibles to go door to door around the tires factory where I worked for a while. I’ll go there with young people from our church and find opportunities. Interest in studying the Bible and also poor and sick people who need help. After that, a Bible study group with them".

They looked at me as I was an invader from another planet! They were so scared that the communists will close the church that they never ever dare to go out and do something. The church was not closed by the communist police but by ourselves. We closed its door from inside… No reason for it to exists if we cannot reach people from around…

With Jesus, even the dead can stand up, even the dead can come forth, with God all – things – are – possible!!! Amen!

And why then are we discouraged and complaining walking around?

- “What we are gone do?

- Nobody is paying attention to the message!...

- They are all dead!...”

As the tough leaders from my hometown church: “can’t be done, nobody will come to the meetings, it’s dangerous, some will be offended, let’s see what other churches will do …don’t do it.

We did it without them immediately after the fall of the communist regime.

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