Sermon Illustrations

One of the most unusual things in the history of World War II was Adolph Hitler signing the Munich Pact on September 30, 1938. Here was a man who was geared up for war and evidently aiming his guns toward England. England was weak and unable to defend herself at that time, and Hitler was ready to go. Yet, when they had the pact in Munich which would avert war for several months anyway, Hitler signed that pact. It was against everything he was doing. It was against everything he was advised to do.

Hitler always talked about the voice inside of him. He said, "The voice inside me told me this was the time to attack England when they were weak and helpless.

But something else overcame me, and I signed that pact." And he was restless and angry with himself for the rest of his life, because he had signed the Munich Pact.

But over in South Wales, hundreds of people were gathered from 7:00 until midnight to pray for peace. They were praying the war would be averted. Even the night before the Munich meeting took place, they thanked God that it was going to happen. And Adolph Hitler said, "That’s the first time I did not listen to my voice." Many people believed that voice was the voice of Satan himself. That war was changed drastically by that decision.

There’s no telling what has happened because of prayer. And when the Holy Spirit leads us to see how weak we are and we come to God in prayer, then we’re plugging into the greatest power we could possibly have in our lives.