Sermon Illustrations

"The Power of God"

A little boy was walking downtown one day and he came to a pet store. He really wanted a little puppy dog. He began saving every penny because he wanted to get a little puppy dog. He knew exactly how much money he needed. Everyday he would pass that pet shop on his way home from school.

Finally the day came when he had saved up enough money and he brought it to the storekeeper and actually broke the bank on the counter in front of the storekeeper.

The storekeeper said "this is the day you’ve been waiting for. You can now have the puppy you’ve been dreaming about." So the storekeeper took the little boy to the backside of the window that pulled apart. The storekeeper said "You can have any of these puppies you would like." The little boy began to pick up one of the puppies in the box and the store owner said "Oh no, no, you

don’t want that puppy dog. That puppy dog is crippled. That puppy will never be able to do all the tricks you’ve been dreaming of teaching him. You don’t want that puppy dog, he’s crippled."

The little boy withdrew his hands from the puppy and stood and looked at the storeowner. "Yes, I want that puppy dog." Then he leaned down and pulled up his pant leg that revealed a brace on his own leg. He said "You don’t understand. I want that puppy dog, you see I’m crippled too. And I just thought that since we’re both crippled, we could be even better friends."