Sermon Illustrations

Various Christian groups have been helping flooded areas recently. Here is an August 29, 2007 report:

"ROCHESTER, Minn. (BP)--More than 570 disaster relief volunteers from the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention and eight other states are working long hours to aid victims affected by recent flooding in southeast Minnesota.??And in response to Aug. 21 flooding in Ohio, up to 80 disaster relief teams from across the Southern Baptist Convention are on stand-by and may arrive in the Buckeye State as early as Thursday, Aug. 30."

One task such workers have is evacuation. According to Webster, to evacuate means, " To withdraw or send away (troops or inhabitants) from a threatened area."

One day, Jesus Christ is going to perform the greatest evacuation of all time. Within a split second, He will remove millions and millions from planet earth to meet Him in the air. We refer to this event as "the Rapture."