6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

From Rustle of Angels p88

In the book Rustle of Angels Jeanette Gable tells her experience. She was very fearful about her upcoming surgery. She told the doctor, but he didn’t give her any medication for her anxiety. As she was in the holding area awaiting surgery she began to literally shake with fear. A nurse thought she was just cold and got her a blanket. Jeanette cried out in prayer as she shook violently, “Lord, I can accept any thing you have in store for me. Just please give me peace and calmness.” Over and over she repeated this prayer for peace.

Then she felt a hand pressing into the hollow between here front shoulder and collar bone. It was a firm reassuring touch, but no one was there! She looked around and only one woman was in a bed across the room. No human could have touched her. It was then she realized her prayer...

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