Sermon Illustrations

Do you remember the name Danny Moore? Danny Moore was a relief pitcher. He lost the game that would have gotten his team into the World Series, and he couldn’t handle the grief after that failure. He took his life and the life of his wife because he lost a baseball game.

On the other hand, there was Dave Dravecky who did the very same thing about the very same time. He pitched and lost a game that lost his team the chance to go to the World Series. Dave Dravecky lost more than that. He found the reason he couldn’t throw hard that day was because he had a tumor in his arm. Eventually, they had to take his arm, and now they’ve taken his shoulder. Yet, Dave Dravecky, having lost that game and his career, has gone on to enthusiastically share his testimony of faith and hope all over this nation.

Now what’s the difference?

There is a way to grieve that is like this society, and there is a way to grieve that God recommends.