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After studying about John Patton on line I discovered that his steadfastness & success can be traced back to his home life where he lived with ten brothers & sisters in a 3-room cottage under the love & care of his mother and the faithful leadership of his father. Let him tell you in his own words.

In our small house, “ the closet was our Sanctuary... oftentimes each day... we saw our father retire there and shut the door; we children understood that prayers we being poured out for us... We knew whence came that happy light ,,, dawning on my father’s face - it was a reflection of the Divine presence... My soul would often wander back to these early scenes and hearing still the echoes of my father’s cries to God would hurl back all doubts w/ victorious appeal, “Papa walked w/ God, why not I?” On the day I left home “ Father’s final counsels, tears and heavenly prayers ... are still in my heart as if it had been yesterday... I vowed by the help of God, to live and act so as never to grieve or dishonor such a father and mother as He had given to me.”

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