Sermon Illustrations

How about Michael Vick? He confessed to find Jesus. I think the loving approach is to pray for him. It is not my place to judge him and whether or not his confession was sincere. I don’t know. God does. I will leave that up to God. However, I can discern and even judge that his comment in the context of his other comments was inappropriate. It appeared within the context to be much like other celebrities who have made the same comments only to give no evidence of a changed life. We can judge those actions without condemning the people. As one anonymous person said on a blog, “Playing the Jesus card only raised the suspicions of most people that he was trying to save his NFL career and get off with a lighter sentence.” But then I must ask myself, “When have I used the Jesus to get people to think better of me or think of me as something that I am not.” This could apply even in a prayer on Sunday morning ending with Jesus name when my heart really wasn’t into the prayer. Could a bumper sticker or a WWJD bracelet or a cross necklace misuse the name of Jesus when I go 72 in a 65 zone or when I cut a corner at work or even ignore a hurting co-worker maybe for a perfectly good reason like I don’t know what to say or have to be at church.