Sermon Illustrations

"It is Well with My Soul" is one of my much loved hymns. I don’t know if you might be familiar with the chronicle behind it or not, but the man who authored the lyrics of this beautiful hymn lost his whole family at sea. Horatio Spafford, a successful businessman, had dispatched his family ahead of him to Europe because he had been delayed by a business venture. The ship, upon which they were sailing, collided with another sea vessel and immediately took on water and sank. When Horatio received the cable from his bereaving wife of the loss of their four daughters stating concisely this message, “Saved alone.” Spafford quickly embarked upon a ship and cruised the sea himself, and he had the captain of the ship confirm, in close proximity, where his daughters went down to a watery grave. As he stood there at the railing and gazed solemnly at the burial site of those that he had loved, he got out his writing implement and note-pad, and he began to jot down these words, "It is well, it is well with my soul." Now that’s having an authentic peace with God that comes through Jesus, the Christ. It’s a peace of God which is the bequest for every believer that knows him personally.