Sermon Illustrations

The culture has wrongly insisted that faith and reason are incompatible.

One of the classes that I took in my undergraduate degree in Religion at Liberty University was a biology class which dealt with the issues of evolution and creation from a scientific and a biblical view point.

The professor held a Ph.D. in biochemistry, he is a brilliant man, and he is also a Christian. He used to say that he was the most worshipful of God when he was looking into a microscope.

He would say that was when he was filled the most awe and wonder of the power and nature of God. God is a God of order and design. He has wonderfully arranged the stars in the heavens as well as the cells of a human eye.

Following after Christ has nothing to do with abandoning reason and intellect; it is in following after Christ that our hearts and minds are opened to using the minds which God gave us to comprehend the depths of all that God has created.