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Church Unity?

I read about a church that split, and that split began over an argument at a potluck supper when a lady brought a congealed salad she made with Cool Whip instead of real whipping cream. There’s a book entitled War In The Pews that talks about real-life instances which are absolutely outrageous.

Churches have split over whether the pianist should sit to the right or the left side of the podium, over whether the Lord’s Supper should be served from the front to the back or the back to the front, over trying to decide whether a kitchen should be a part of the church building or not.

One church split over who was the real pastor. They had two pastors. Two groups thought they each had their own guy, and both of them got up to lead a service one Sunday. Both led the singing. Both groups tried to out-sing each other. Then both pastors started preaching, trying to out-preach each other. Finally, they just broke out into fisticuffs, and the police had to come in and break it up. That’s absolutely outrageous.

In Mississippi, I led revival services in a small town northeast of Vicksburg and there were two churches that shared a common parking lot. They were the same denomination. But, because of some upset, they had split and...

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