Sermon Illustrations

This past Tuesday, Stacy and I went up to Freeport to encourage a local homeschooling support group. The group had advertised the event in their area, seeking to increase attendance a bit. I received an email from a friend of mine, Bob, who attends a Reformed church in Southern Wisconsin. Bob was excited we were coming near him and wanted to come by to hear our presentations and fellowship for a while.

Upon our arrival, I looked for Bob, but could not find him. The event started, with Stacy speaking, but still no Leverton family. Stacy does not like me listening to her talks (I guess I am a bit intimidating), so I went to the foyer to wait for her to finish, at which time I was to speak.

About 20 minutes later, in walks Bob. After the usual greetings to him and family, Bob apologized for being late. He then went on to tell me the reason – he had been driving up and down the street looking for the church, but could not find it. The reason? He was on the wrong street.

You see, you can look for an address all day long, but if you are on the wrong street, your quest will end in frustration.