Sermon Illustrations

ILLUSTRATION: Glynn Wolfe lived 88 years; he was born July 25th 1908 and died June 10th 1997. He died alone in a nursing home in Redlands, California where no one visited him and no one came to claim the body. Wolfe died with $430 to his name which was used to give him a pauper’s funeral. What makes Glynn Wolfe’s death so unique is that he had been married 29 times, a world record. 29 times Wolfe said “I do;” 29 times he said “until death we do part.” Unfortunately it never worked out that way. His shortest marriage lasted 19 days, and his longest lasted seven years. He reportedly died leaving behind 19 children, 40 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren together with many living ex-wives, and innumerable ex-in-laws, but he died alone, and no one came to the funeral. (