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In March of 1997, Scott Mathews wanted the young people of Carthage, Missouri to understand the love of God. The theme for youth group that month was, “The Cross.” So they built a 500 lb, 8 by 14 foot redwood cross. It took ten students to move it. Crosses are heavy, you know.

During one night at youth group, Scott called on Kyle Haws to take a stand, take off his shirt like Jesus, and come forward to lie on the cross that was propped at an angle on the front of the stage. There were 170 people at youth group that night. Kyle was no Fabio. He was embarrassed. Scott told all the students that each of them deserved to experience the cross. But because of God’s love for the world, he sent His Son to lay down for us.

The words were too familiar and seemed inadequate. They weren’t enough. Crosses are heavy. How can we understand the weight? Immediately a couple of incredible sponsors came to mind. Though not perfect, each was as close to Jesus as any at youth group that night. Could one of them come and lay on the cross? Would that communicate the love? Crosses are heavy, you know.

Minette Allmoslecher is one of the most righteous women you can meet. She was in the back row busy watching her kids. Scott asked her to come up to the stage. Finally, there was someone who could represent Jesus on the cross.

On her way up to the stage, she began to give her newborn baby, Hudson Taylor, to a friend. Scott interrupted, “No, Minette. We want Hudson.” They took the body of this little boy and...

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