Sermon Illustrations

There is a man who keeps on his desk a fairly large stone on which is lettered one word: FIRST. Acting as a constant reminder of Jesus’ words, “He that is without sin… let him cast the first stone,” it helps check within him the automatic desire to be hasty in condemning others. As he daily recalls his own shortcomings, he finds it less difficult to show grace to the weak and erring. The remarkable paperweight also serves a second purpose. When people come into his office in an angry, criticizing mood, he quietly hands them the rock at an appropriate moment. Surprised, they usually examine the stone carefully, and then ask what the word “FIRST” means. As they listen to the explanation, it isn’t long until their attitude toward another person changes. Though some wrongs may still have to be made right, a new spirit of forgiveness and charity results. Situations are frequently settled. Doing that with a stone is defiantly doing something better than throwing it.