Sermon Illustrations

I read a story this past week about a woman who, in early December had stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few things on her lunch break. One of them was a cinnamon-scented air freshener. She had smelled a candle with the same scent in the store but wanted to know exactly what the air freshener smelled like. She thought the fragrance might be a nice addition to her home during the Christmas season.

When she left the grocery store she stopped at her friendly near-by Burger King. While she was waiting in the drive-thru line she popped the lid off of the air freshener, aimed the bottle toward the back seat of the car and pressed down. Little did she know the air freshener was concentrated. The scent, although pleasant at first, quickly consumed every inch of her car. Her eyes started to fill with tears. The fragrance was so strong. It was simply overpowering.

The lady said that the woman in the car behind her stared at her as if her hair was on fire as she shifted the car into park, flung herself across the car to open the passenger-side window and then to the back to open the two rear windows.

When she reached the drive-thru window, the girl inside crinkled her nose and looked around as if she were trying to find something. “It’s cinnamon,” the driver said shamefully.

“I thought I smelled something funny,” the girl at the window said in reply.

Driving back to her office the woman couldn’t help but wonder if anyone would notice the scent that was almost without a doubt was stuck to her nose and hair. The answer came quickly as she walked past one of her coworkers.

“You know,” he said. “It’s already beginning to smell a lot like Christmas everywhere you go.”