Sermon Illustrations

Poem: The Blessings that Remain

Annie Johnson Flint said:

There are loved ones who are missing

From the fireside and the feast;

There are faces that have vanished,

There are voices that have ceased;

But we know they passed forever

From our mortal grief and pain,

And we thank Thee, O our Father,

For the blessings that remain.

Thanksgiving, oh, thanksgiving

That their love once blessed us here,

That so long they walked beside us

Sharing every smile and tear;

For the joy the past has brought us

But can never take away.

For the sweet and gracious memories

Growing dearer every day,

For the faith that keeps us patient

Looking at the things unseen,

Knowing Spring shall follow Winter

And the earth again be green,

For the hope of that glad meeting

Far from mortal grief and pain—

We thank Thee, O our Father—

For the blessings that remain.

For the love that still is left us,

For the friends who hold us dear,

For the lives that yet may need us

For their guidance and their cheer,

For the work that waits our doing,

For the help we can bestow,

For the care that watches o’er us

Wheresoe’er our steps may go,

For the simple joys of living,

For the sunshine and the breeze,

For the beauty of the flowers

And the laden orchard trees,

For the night and for the starlight,

For the rainbow and the rain—

Thanksgiving, O our Father,

For the blessings that remain.

Annie Johnson Flint V. Raymond Edman, But God!, (Zondervan Publ. House, Grand Rapids; 1962), pp. 20-21