Sermon Illustrations

In fact there are 322 specific prophecies in the OT about Jesus Christ and many of these prophecies have already been fulfilled and documented in the NT of the Bible. This might not seem much too you, but I want you to get your head around this fact.

If only 8 prophecies were fulfilled the likelihood of that is 1in 10 to the 17th power.

A simple way to understand this would be to say imagine having over a quintillion chocolate chip cookies covering the entire breath of the United Kingdom 2 ft deep. Then take one choc chip cookie take all the choc bits out and toss it back into the cookies – then stir it all up – then blindfold yourself and walk from Lands end to John a groats, stopping once to pick up a single cookie. The chances of you picking the choc less chip cookie 1in 10 to the 17th power Its unthinkable and its the same as just one person fulfilling 8 prophecies

But remember Jesus didn’t fulfil just 8 prophecies in one lifetime he fulfilled 322 recorded and 29 of them in one day. That is a fact!