Sermon Illustrations

For me I’d rather go to the appropriate store for the appropriate item - I prefer BJ’s or Sam’s Club for meat because I can get it cheaper in bulk have the butchers cut it up and package it so that I can freeze it when I get home. For fruits and vegetables I plan to eat within a day I’ll go to Krogers, but if I want to have good quality produce, I’ll either go to the farmer’s market, or Harris Teeter. If I want to get sodas, chips, and crackers for the best price, I’ll go to Food Lion. If I want to get the mere-chino cherries that my wife likes to eat right out the jar, I’ll know I need to go get the Kroger brand glass jarred cherries. I prefer to go to the bakery surplus store to get breads and pastries

Well comparison shopping is nice, but when you spend more time, gas, and resources to get to the best deals so that you are actually causing more waste than gain it’s a problem.

I could go to the bakery, but it’s on the other side of town causing me more gas to get there. And it’s not like can just call to see what’s left; I actually have to go there and look. And if I need hamburger buns, and breakfast pastries, but they only have hot dog buns then I’ve wasted resources. And if I buy 20 bags of bread but can’t get through them all within the next week, they mold and resources are wasted.

So comparison can be both a good thing and a problem in the grocery world;

it can be both a good thing and a bad thing in the church, too.