Sermon Illustrations

She had just passed her one hundredth birthday. She had a letter form the President of the U. S. congratulating her. Her pastor went to visit her in a nursing home. She was blind and could not see. She was lame and could not walk. In fact she could not leave her room except for emergencies. She took her meals in her room. Her whole life existed in that room.

As they talked she said, “Pastor, I am the oldest member in your church. But I am ready to go to the Father’s house above.” Her pastor understood her desire. But, then, with a twinkle in her eye and with a lift in her voice she said, “But, I guess God is not through teaching me patience yet.”

He stood there dumbfounded. He was not yet forty. Here is a woman, 100 years old, and she is still learning what patience is all about.

The American prayer is, “Lord give me patience; and give it to me right now!”