Sermon Illustrations

Dr. Pierce Harris was the long time pastor of First United Methodist Church in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Harris spoke one day at the state penitentiary. He was introduced to the prisoners by one of the inmates. In his introduction, the inmate said, “I want to tell you a story about two boys.

• They lived in the same neighborhood.

• They went to the same school.

• They played together.

• They went to the same church.

One of the boys decided he would be smart, so he rebelled against his parents, quit going to church, did what he wanted to do instead of what was right. The other boy continued to go to church and do what was right and treat other people with love.” “These two boys are now grown men and both of them are here today. The boy who continued down the right path and remained faithful to the things he had been taught – this boy is the great minister who is going to preach to us today. The other boy who decided to be so smart and rebelled is the prisoner who introduces the preacher to you today.”

• Two boys.

• Same neighborhood.

• Same school.

• Same church.

Yet two diverse destinations. Choices have consequences.