6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

People often study and follow the teachings of writers, philosophers, politicians and professors without getting to know the PERSON behind the philosophy. Some people even think personal morality doesn’t matter.

I heard about a Harvard Professor named Bertrand Russell. While he was a Professor of Ethics back in the early 1900’s, Russell was carrying on an adulterous affair.

I’m sure now days people would just look the other way, but back then Harvard’s Board of Governors called Russell in and Censured him. Russell maintained that his private affairs had nothing to do with the performance of his professional duties. One of the Board members exclaimed, “But you are a Professor of ETHICS!” Russell responded, “If I was a Professor of Geometry would you expect me to be a triangle?” (Sara Yoheved Rigler http://www.aish.com - revised)