Sermon Illustrations


John Wesley describes his pilgrimage in terms of his preaching rather vividly. It parallels closely his inward growth.

(1) From the year 1725 to 1729 I preached much, but saw no fruit of my labor.

(2) From the year 1729 to 1734, laying a deeper foundation of repentance, I saw a little fruit.

(3) From 1734 to 1738, speaking more of faith in Christ, I saw more fruit of my preaching and visiting from house to house.

(4) From 1738 to this time (1746), speaking continually of Jesus Christ; laying Him only as the foundation of the whole building, making Him all in all, the first and the last; preaching only on this plan, "The Kingdom of God is at hand; repent ye, and believe the gospel," the "word of God ran" as fire among the stubble;...

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