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Matthew Rogers writes about attending a military funeral for Vernon “Slim” Paaren.

The key symbol was the American flag. As it was being folded by the service people, one of the Veterans who had fired the three shot gun salute began to speak. He said the flag is a symbol of our freedom.

"The red stripes represent the blood of those who gave their lives to protect our freedoms.

The white stripes signify the purity and innocence of freedom itself.

The Blue field with white stars represents the great wide sky that stretches across our land, reminding us that we are truly one Nation under God."

Reminders are helpful.

Communion is a helpful reminder. When we take the bread we say "This is Christ’s body." It represents the torture he went through when he hung on the cross, his body broken for us. He incurred a punishment that was rightfully ours.

This my redeemer did for me when He died on Calvary.

When we take the juice, we say "This is Christ’s blood." It represents the stream of blood that poured out around the cross. Grace from God at the expense of the cruel...

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