Sermon Illustrations

Several years ago my wife and I bought our 2 small grandsons new bicycles for their birthdays. We did not have a truck available at the time, so we bought the bikes unassembled.

My son and I realized that it would not be a big task to assemble the bikes. We began the process without reading the instructions. We were almost through when my wife had to ask the awful question, where does that part lying over there go? We determined where it went, but we could not determine how to put it there. My wife then said, “Why don’t you read the instructions as you should have in the beginning?”

We determined that this part should have been one of the items to assemble, and that we could not put it on without disassembling the bike, and starting over.

Many individuals are trying to live the Christian life without reading the instruction manual. I recommend that you start over, and read the instructions and follow them. It hurt my pride to have to have to read the instructions, disassemble the bike, and start over by following the instructions.

The bike would have never performed correctly without this part, and you will not make heaven your home without following the Bible, your instruction book.