Sermon Illustrations

Solomon is chpater 1 of Ecc tells us that there is no memory of men who have died and left this place – their memories fade, their work is forgotten and they fade off into the realm of nothingness when they live their life without God.Everyone like this will be forgotten!Playboy’s founder - Hugh Hefner – I watched a report on his life which said that, “He is obsessed with creating a history of his life so he will not be forgotten for all his great accomplishments.”

People say he is totally obsessed with the fact that he wants to be remembered.So he labors many hour’s everyday writing his memoirs and noting his accomplishments and life achievements.He puts articles, pictures, write ups ect in in binder after binder. But trust me – He will be forgotten because he is investing his life in things that are temporary. He is not investing in eternal values and eternal meaning.So his life will be meaningless and senseless in the end when he stands before the Judgment seat of God.