Sermon Illustrations

This last week I finally decided to get my glasses fixed. They weren’t broken, but I had been bothered from the beginning about the fact that the temple pieces were too long.

When the glasses came in, they just bent the temple pieces down and back. But I felt like they made me look like a real dorkoid.

So I finally got fed up and went to the place where I got them and asked if smaller temple pieces could be ordered for them.

It turns out that nope – one size fits all, which is one of the great fallacies of Western culture.

Have you ever seen one of those “one size fits all” hats on someone with a small head? The back of that cap sticks out about 4 inches, and it just doesn’t look cool at all, right? How do you think I know that?

Anyway, the lady says that they can’t order new temple pieces. BUT, she could do something about the ones I’ve got.

So she went in back and performed some surgery on my glasses, and guess what? They turned out great.

I asked what I owed, and she said, “Nothing – satisfaction is always guaranteed.”

That made me pretty happy, as you can probably guess.

But what struck me about what she said was this: the guarantee had always existed – I just didn’t know about it.

And because I didn’t know about it, I couldn’t take advantage of it.

Sometimes people can go their whole Christian life and not know about the great guarantees in God’s Word.