Sermon Illustrations

My Saint Bernard dog Happy is such a baby! Besides being deathly afraid of Sebastian’s new ball, she is also afraid of the back stair case in the parsonage! For those of you may not have every noticed the back stair case, it is attached to kitchen and brings you up to the back end of the hallways upstairs.

At night, if the light is not on, that stair case is really dark. It’s also a really simple old stair case design with a little landing half way up the stair case where it turns in the opposite direction.

The stair case is really creaky and makes a lot of noise when you walk up and down it. Sometimes at night, after I shut everything off downstairs, Happy and I will walk up those stairs and I always have to forcer her to get her started up the stairs!

When we are on walks she is always pulling my arm out of socket trying to get at squirrels and rabbits, so I always laugh to myself that she thinks there are vicious “killer rabbits” hiding in the dark corners of that stair case!