Sermon Illustrations

But loving is hard. The way is narrow. Not many really love the way Jesus does. Even in churches. We are more consumers than lovers. We are more takers than givers. I’ve poured into people and given and given as I know many of you have. I’ve poured into groups of people in this way. And they keep taking and taking until you are sucked dry. Ever been there? You feel like a dried up raisin with nothing left. And yet they still expect more. And when you just don’t have it. What is their response? They get angry. They say things like, “You are never there for me. You are just selfish. You really don’t care about me.” Meanwhile Kendra has been saying, “Honey, are you ever going to come home? Who are you really married to?” You will never be happy and you will never be satisfied living that way. “If I can just get my needs met, then I can have something to give.” That’s the broad way. It leads to destruction because you never have enough. You will never be filled until you give yourself away as Jesus gave himself away. You will never be satisfied until you make it your entire lifestyle a life of giving, serving, and loving others