Sermon Illustrations

A young intern came into our hospital ward one evening, shaking his head. "There’s an old man out there by the vending machines," he said, "and he’s putting dollar bills into the money changer. Every time he gets his quarters, he yells, ’Jackpot!’ and dances around." The other nurses and I chuckled and soon forgot about it.

In a few hours, on our way for a coffee break, we saw a repairman in front of one of the vending machines. We asked him why he was working so late.

"I have to get this money changer fixed," he said. "It’s been giving $1.50 in quarters every time someone puts in a dollar bill."

The same is true about the blessings of God. The more that we do in Christ’s name the more blessings will be coming our way.

(Dolores J. Craig, Reader’s Digest, April 1990, p. 17.)