Sermon Illustrations

Illustration: I actually typed into Google the words “I hate my life!”

1. I was shocked how many I hate my life websites came up!

2. Here is the opening page of one website:

You’re having a bad day. We want to know about it.

Maybe your agony exceeds ours. That could be interesting. Because really, no one cares about the happy stuff. We aren’t interested in

Select "Vent" and spread misery all over this site by posting your crappy details. The rest of the world is looking forward to it! Just don’t use full names. A lawsuit would exceed our funding and then you’d spoil the fun.

We all could use a fix of other people’s misery, so click “Vent” also to learn how much worse others have it.

I also found this other website www.allaboutlifechallenges and read this girls story. It...

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