Sermon Illustrations

Illustration: Walking the Cliffs

When descending the Grand Canyon, often times a person has to travel on narrow ledges that have only enough room for a mule to get a foothold. The ribbons of rock that run along the edges of these towering cliffs overlook vertical precipices that descend hundreds of feet to the valley below. When one must make use of these stony paths, the safest course is to let the mule find his own way; for the slightest touch on the bridle may easily throw both the animal and his rider over the cliff to sudden death. So it is in the believer’s life. In some circumstances, if he would keep himself from having sinful doubts and falling into despair, he must lay the `bridle’ on the neck of Faith, and commit his way to God. No matter how things look, he may take comfort in these words, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." In such trying experiences the only thing to do is to trust in God and walk by faith, not by sight.