Sermon Illustrations

The story is told of an expert tightrope walker whose tightrope was extended across Niagara Falls. Of course, to fall from this rope would mean instant destruction. Balancing his long pole lightly, he steps upon the rope and starts across. The crowd is silent. Finally he triumphantly places his foot on the farther bank and a great cheer rises even above the noise of the falls themselves. The man then turns to the crowd and makes a thrilling proposal. He offers to recross the falls with a man on his back! But who is to be the man?"Do you believe I am able to carry you across?" asks the ropewalker turning to a likely individual."I certainly do," at once responds the one addressed. "Will you let me?" inquires the waiting hero. "Will I let you? Well, hardly. You don’t think I am going to risk my life like that, do you?" and he turns away. "And what about you?" as he asks another man who was standing by. "I believe. In fact, I have no doubt about it at all." "Will you trust me?" "I will!" Breathlessly the people watch as he climbs onto the tightrope walker’s back and they begin step by step. At last they are over; their final step is taken and they stand once more on firm ground!

Now, which one of these guys believed...and which was a believer? Do you see the difference?

Internet source...(found on several sites).