Sermon Illustrations

I think that we often can learn some pretty profound things from children…so listen to what these kids had to say about what heaven is like…

"Everything is free," says Christina, age 12. "Everyone lives in a mansion. No one has to go to work. There are no house payments."

"Heaven is a place that is so beautiful, you would think it was make-believe. It’s perfect," says Molly, 9.

"Heaven is paradise," says Jake, 9. "The weather is nice. It never rains. Nothing can go wrong. My dad will not have a scar in the middle of his head. We will be perfect."

Annslee, 11, "Heaven is beautiful with no hurt or talking about people and no drugs. It is all good.

"You will be beautiful. Clouds are floating. Kids are laughing and praying with Jesus. You get everything you want, and you have beautiful voices to sing for God’s glory. Sunflowers are everywhere. Streets are made of gold! And it smells heavenly."

"Trees in heaven are full with rich fruit. And everywhere you go, you can feel and see the glory of God"

Those comments were found on the website