Sermon Illustrations

A certain man told his friend that his brother was working to get his pilot’s license. His friend said, “O, that’s great!” “No, it wasn’t great because the engine caught fire.” “Oh, that’s terrible,” said his friend. “No, it wasn’t terrible because he had a parachute.” “Oh, that’s good,” answered his friend. “No, it wasn’t good because the parachute didn’t open.” “Oh, that’s awful,” said his friend. “No, it wasn’t so bad, because he had an emergency chute.” “Oh, that’s good his friend replied. “No, it wasn’t good because that one didn’t open either.” “Oh, that’s too bad,” his friend said. “No, it wasn’t so bad because he landed in a haystack.” “Oh, that’s great,” said the friend. “No, that’s not so great because there was a pitchfork sticking up out of the hay.” “Oh, that’s terrible.” No, not really. He missed the pitchfork.” “Oh, good.” “No, it wasn’t; he missed the haystack.”

The 50th chapter of Genesis is a summary of a “Bad News-Good News” story. Joseph was a man who learned that if you stay true to God, no matter what happens in your life, bad news will turn to good news.