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Story: One of my heroes of the faith is the late Richard Wurmbrand (1909 – 2001)

Wurmbrand was born in Rumania in 1909 as a Jew and became a Christian when he encountered Christ at an early age.

He shared his faith with the occupying troops in the 1940’s and the Germans threw him in prison for it.

When the Russians threw the Germans out at the end of the war, he shared his faith with the Russians.

Eventually the Communists threw him in prison for his faith too and he served 14 years in prison, two and a half years of which were in

solitary confinement for his witness to Christ.

I recall one incident that he wrote about in his book “In God’s Underground” .

His wife, Sabrina’s family were killed by a man called Borila at a place called Golta in Rumania.

Wurmbrand met Borila one day and brought him to put his trust in Christ and then took him home.

Wurmbrand went into his wife’s bedroom and woke her up.

He said, “There is a man here who you must meet. We believe he murdered your family, but he has repented and now...

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