Sermon Illustrations

The Last Are First

There is a couple who lived here in Anchorage, who lived in one of the most broken down trailers I have ever seen. There home was, clean, and well kept but the trailer sure had seen better days – a long time ago. Some friends who had a little boy were looking at buying a house, but they just couldn’t get enough money together to make a down payment. So this couple, who was living in this broken down trailer, took their entire life savings, $25,000 and gave it to their friends for their house down payment – fully knowing they would never see the money again. And you know who else knew about it? Nobody. I asked them why they did it. Why they gave away everything they had. Their response was one of puzzlement, “Why wouldn’t we? They needed help” That’s what Jesus is talking about! This couple knew the secret: The last are first.