3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

Kelly Willard was the solo voice in many Maranatha Music Songs in the 80’s. She recorded 10 solo albums for her Lord. But in 2004 her world fell apart. Her marriage of 29 years ended in divorce, her parents died, and her 18 year old daughter Haylie committed suicide after battling severe depression and quit taking her medicine. She just released and new album this year, the first in eleven years, called PAGA which means intercession. She wrote most of the songs out of her pain. In “Charity” she sings “I am nothing/Jesus, reduce me to love”, in “Til I desire only you” she sings “Strip away all the substitutes.” The album is a true testement of God’s help in the midst of her Suffering. (Charisma p 101, November 2007, and Out of the Darkness interview with Christian Music Today.com.)