Sermon Illustrations

I heard about a small town in Kentucky, that had two Churches & one Distillery. Members of both Churches complained that the distillery gave the Community a bad image! To make matters worse, the owner of the Distillery was an out spoken Atheist!

One Saturday-night the two Churches decided to hold a “joint” prayer meeting to ask God to intervene and settle the matter once & for all! The Church folks gathered on a designated evening, and began to Pray.

All through the prayer meeting, a terrible electric storm raged! To the delight of the Church members, lighting struck that old distillery & burned it to the ground! The next day, the sermon in both Churches was on the POWER of Prayer!

Insurance adjusters “promptly” notified the Distillery that they wouldn’t pay for the damages! Because the fire was caused by, “an act of God,” and that was excluded from their policy! The Distillery owner was furious, so he decided to sue both the Churches, claiming they had conspired with God to "destroy" his business! The Churches denied that they had anything to do with the cause of the fire!!

The Judge in the case opened the trial with these words: "I find one thing in this case most perplexing,…We have a situation here where the plaintiff, an Atheist, is professing his belief in the Power of Prayer, and the defendants, All Faithful Church members, are denying the very same Power"!