Sermon Illustrations

I can give thanks for everything – whether I want to or not is the issue.

I have to choose.

You can give thanks for everything.

If it were not possible, God wouldn’t have commanded it in His Word.

This is God’s will for you… give thanks in all circumstances.

You can choose to be thankful for work that makes your back ache because it means that your stomach won’t have to ache.

You can choose to be thankful for a humongous grocery bill because it means that you have a lot of friends and family to enjoy company with.

You can choose to be thankful for critical people in your life because it shows that they are thinkers – able to make decisions and discern on their own.

It’s not your fault they are wrong!

You can be choose to be thankful for cold, wet, windy days because they make you want to stop and enjoy the nice warm sunny ones.

You can choose to be thankful for a boss that gives you a list of expectations and responsibilities a mile long.

It means you are trusted with great responsibility and when you give it 100% you will...

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